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Natural food essence made with organic essential oil of Pine, produced by PRI.MA in Apulia Region.

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Look. Taste. Exhale.

Close your eyes and listen to your palate. Dream. Remember. Smile. Open your eyes. What do you see? It’s the world of PRI.MA., a sensory-rich experience with a specific mission at its center: to rediscover the love of flavor thanks to exclusive aromatic essences. Your menu will be enhanced through amplifying the authentic aroma of foods and restoring the body’s natural joy for nourishment, without the contrivance of synthetic aromas. PRI.MA. discover, create, and savor the natural essence of cuisine.

Beyond classical aromatic essential oils, these aromatic essences help you develop your cooking and overcome the limits of flavor.

Flavors of Tradition – The Aromatic Plants

A window on the best traditions of Italian cuisine made of essences that recallancient avors and bring pleasant memories to mind. Basil, mint, bay leaf, and sage are some of the propositions you will nd in this section. Share what’s dear to your heart and provide notes of creativity and innovation to your dishes.

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