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The “Capocollo di Martina Franca” is produced in a hilly area situated in the heart of Apulia, called Murgia, and, in particular, in the towns of Martina Franca, Cisternino and Locorondo, that surround the Valle d’Itria. This same area is also the richest in forests of Makedonian oaks in the entire Apulia.

The product is carefully weeded and dry salted for 10 days. Thereafter, it is washed and marinated with “vino cotto”, literally cooked wine, made of heated non fermented must. The sausage is then packed into its original intestine, hand-tied with natural twine and wrapped in some special traditional cotton socks. Finally it is smoked using peel of Macedonian oak, almond husk and some herbs typical of the Mediterranean region. The very last step is the curing, which takes place in natural environments, for a minimum of 100 days up to 180 days.

Raw Material
Pig meat generally of local origin. Occasionally pig meat coming from other parts of Italy is used. The anatomical piece used is the upper part of the neck of the pig.

Vinous red color interspersed with slight veins of fat. The lean part dominates compared to the fat part, and the latter is ivory-white.

Delicate, slightly tangy, with intense notes of toasted aroma. Pronounced due to the use of pepper and of smoking. Are present on the final notes of the cellar.

We recommend to eat it natural, in thin slices preferably together with white bread (i.e. bread made of “Senatore Cappelli” wheat).

Few slices of “Capocollo di Martina Franca”, a couple of fresh figs and a drizzle of Vincotto is a perfect match.

This Capocollo is produced by Salumificio Santoro.


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