Savory bread biscuits from the Apulia Region – 400g – La Bontà del Fornaio

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Spaccatelle, also called “Frise”, are little bread biscuits made according to old traditional recipes from Salento.
Nowadays they are used for aperitifs, snacks or tasty summer plates.

The basic preparation of the Frise before adding any toppings, is easy: dress the Frise with a nice amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Once the base is prepared you can add:

The traditional topping:

  • cherry tomatoes cut in pieces, oregano, salt. That’s a simple but delicious recipe.

Other toppings:

  • cherry tomatoes, tuna fish, salt
  • cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, rucola.

Just use your imagination to make your own Frise!

These Frise are produced in Apulia Region, by La Bontà del Fornaio.

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