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Athena Unique Solid Soap with Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin Olive Secular

Face, body. Normal skin, mixed, mature.

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The extra virgin olive Oil presence makes this particularly suitable soap cleansing delicate skin, it reddens easily, and the mixed or dry.

The soaps and detergents Labo Naturae are produced from pure vegetable oils and of the highest quality, using cold production processes that ensure the maintenance of the property of all noble ingredients. The solid soaps are formulated with extra virgin organic olive oil from Puglia as the first ingredient, the production is artisanal and the seasoning is slow and natural. All liquid detergents contain mild surfactants in low concentrations.

The soaps and detergents Labo Naturae are designed to clean and take care of the skin, even the most sensitive, acne-prone oily, dry or damaged. They are also fortified with vitamin E for maximum protection.

With moistened hands produce a light lather and massage the skin of the body or face for a few seconds, then rinse with warm water. Ideal even in the shower, they may be used to treat rough areas – such as the elbows – and for effective pedicure course, because they facilitate the removal of thickened skin. Avoid contact with eyes.
Recommendation for solid soap: after cleansing, to drain the soap and store it in a dry soap to ensure a longer life .

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