Crema Athena Unique


Cream Athena Unique with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Olives.

Face cream for normal, mixed, and mature skin.

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Athena Unique Cream renews and flesh out. It improves elasticity, hydration and shine.

Le Labo Naturae creams are rich and very concentrated, a real cure for skin in need of intensive nourishment. They improve the elasticity of the skin and are especially useful in winter, because they help to prevent cold damage and treat your skin chapped or reddened. The functional components are made up of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. They do not contain petrolatum, whose function is completely replaced by skin-compatible natural substances. Ideal as night creams, contain vegetable oils, including extra virgin organic olive oil from Apulia, beeswax and vitamin E for maximum effectiveness on the skin. Each cream is also enriched with a functional substance, which makes it for each specific requirement.

Suggestion for a proper use:
Apply a small amount to the affected areas and massage in circular motions. Excess cream, possibly not absorbed, can be dried by dabbing the skin with a little ‘of paper.

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