Panettone Tradizionale Dolceria Sapone

The story of the Panettone is a soft and luminous one, made authentic by the skilful use of sourdough and embellished by swollen candied fruit and pulpy sultanas. The perfume of the genuine dairy butter is enveloped  by the exotic aroma of vanilla and the spicy notes of the citrus fruits. The dome, sweetly burnished and studded with sugary grains, and crunchy almonds, reveals the magic at first taste.


Eustachio Sapone, is the owner of Dolceria Sapone located in Acquaviva delle Fonti, in Apulia region.

The Panettone of Eustachio Sapone was awarded best Panettone in Italy from the for 2017.


His great passion for pastry today carries the name Dolceria Sapone, his personal collection of Great Leavened Specialities: Panettone Tradizionale, Panettone Trio, Colomba three great stories that speak of Italian tradition, creativity and taste.

A concept of exquisite craftsmanship that, thanks to the use of selected raw materials (soft wheat flour, sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla, orange candied fruit, dark lemons, juicy raisins, whole almonds, acacia honey, dairy butter and fresh eggs) and the processing of sourdough, offers panettoni and colombe on the market of incomparable taste and quality.


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