focaccia pugliese

Ingredients for the dough

How to make it

1. Mix smashed potatoes, yeast, sugar and some water.

2. Add flour and keep mixing by hand (always by hands!)

3. Add water (little by little)
Texture: it has to be very sticky, and liquidish but not literally liquid (will attach some picture to show you)

4. Add Evo and keep mixing for 5 minutes.
This step is important because is the moment when the gluten starts to work gluing ingredients. “slap” the dough vigorously.

5. Last ingredient : salt and keep mixing
Never add salt at the beginning because it stops the work of the yeast.


Leave the dough rising in the same bowl covering with plastic wrap or with a rag.
It needs to stay warm so cover it with a blanket or better is in the oven with light on (with no blankett of course!)
leave it rising for 1hour and half minimum

Pre-heat the oven on 200 degrees


Cover with Evo the bottom of a baking tray/pan and pour the dough.
Season the top with cherry tomatoes, origano, rosemary, or just follow your inspiration!

Bake for 45 minutes more or less, I suggest to check when is yellowish, it also depends about the oven.

Let it cool down and buon appetito!

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